Response to Intervention (RTI)

Identification of Essential Learning Standards in Reading and Math
Meeker Elementary has identified essential learning standards based on the common core standards adopted by the state of Washington.  This year, Meeker has started to study learning progressions to determine essential learnings at each grade level and their vertical alignment.  In the 2016/2017 school year, all teachers will have participated in developing district wide essential learnings and resources and will continue this work through the year.

RTI Learning Block
Last year, the Building Leadership team (BLT) determined two blocks of time in which students can receive instruction on an essential learning. Interventions at Meeker are designed to meet individual student needs.  This begins with a core instructional block that is aligned to common core state standards and differentiates instruction.  Teachers collect data to determine where a student may need more assistance to reach the learning targets. Once a need is identified, teachers work individually or in small groups to provide further instruction in that area.  

3rd-6th Intervention – 9:10-9:40
K-2nd intervention – 12:30-1:00

Student Growth Goals

In every grade level & PLC, teams have set growth goals for students. These goals focus on essential learning standards in ELA and Mathematics.  Each teacher & PLC will review those goals every 6-8 weeks in order to determine student progress.  Student growth goals are written by the multi grade level PLCs and data is collected on that goal for each student.  This data then drives instruction on essential standards and growth is then reassessed. 

Screening Assessments
Math Computational Screener
ReThink Math

Professional Learning Communities (PLC) Development
PLCs have been established to complete the work of reaching each child by skill.  PLCS are organized in the following way at Meeker:
While grade levels meet on a regular basis to discuss student progress, Meeker has identified specific times to meet as teams to discuss student growth. Every week, PLC teams meet to discuss data, interventions and student growth.  This allows teachers to develop interventions that meet individual needs  by student, by skill.   

Positive Behaviors Intervention and Supports (PBIS).  

PBIS Committee formed to address systems that support positive behavior at Meeker.
Eagle Excellence Cards
Common Area Expectations Development
Monthly Assemblies to celebrate trait of the month
Weekly drawings for individuals
Attendance Award
Activities that support collective commitment for all students
Mentor Program with mentor churches
Continue food bag program developed last year
Develop food pantry at Meeker for families to access