Healthy Youth Survey


What is the Healthy Youth Survey?

The survey asks questions about risk for injury, health outcomes, and alcohol and drug use.

Schools, communities and state and local health departments use survey results to support our youth and reduce their risks.

The Healthy Youth Survey is voluntary and anonymous.


Who will be asked to take the survey?

Students in Grades 6, 8, 10, and 12 across Washington State.


What questions are on the survey?

Survey questions come from surveys that have taken place across the nation and in Washington. Parents or guardians can see a copy of survey questions in the school office.

Question topics include:

  • Background information, such as age, gender, and race or ethnicity.

  • Feelings about school and community.

  • Relationships with parents, friends, and neighbors.

  • Eating habits, physical activity.

  • Health education.

  • Attitudes about and the use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

  • Behaviors related to safety and feelings about safety

  • Behaviors related to violence